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*N.R.L.H. Historian Marketplace:
Links to the Past .org has been established by the National Registry of Living Historians as a service for our members and visitors to provide the on-line portal to the world of Living History and Reenactment.

Links to the Past .org is disigned in such a manner that sutlers, merchants, traders, groups, informational sites etc. can be located with ease and efficiency.
The main problem for Living Historians when searching the internet is that they many times end up on sites that have no relevance to their own particular time period. This is annoying, as well as a waste of time.  Stop searching the old fashioned way!

Links to the Past .org makes finding sites that apply to any particular time period quick and easy. From the main directory page users simply click on a category page that applies to their interest, they are then taken to an area filled with links and banners that apply only to their specific time period. It's that simple, it's that easy!

Banner Ads Are Now Available:
For those of you who may have an interest in placing your banner in
Links to the Past .org, we would urge you to act quickly. There are only 8 banners positions in each time period! The following breakdown graphic shows the banner positioning:

Once a sponsor comes on, they may renew their banner position for as long as they see fit. They
could literally own the position forever! Remember, these are not rotating banners, there are only 8 positions for each category (time period).

Your banner will not only be on-line, but placed in front of our entire membership.
Our members include large reenactment companies, film production studios, first person impressionists, show and reencatment organizers, educators, start up groups, and the list goes on and on. They are representative of all time periods and genres.

You can find any type of reenactor here. The high quality of members in our rapidly growing Registry is unparalleled! These people invest substantial time and money into their craft. We are the home of the serious Living Historian.

*Target Marketing:
Our Target Marketing method is the most powerful and cost effective way to reach the exact market you are seeking! Why spend money reaching reenactors and living historians who are not interested in the particular time period you deal in?? This happens when you place on-line advertising that simply reaches a 'bulk' of people seeking different time periods.

You are wasting money paying for banner advertising that will be seen by individuals who are not even interested in your products or the time period you deal in.

With our TARGET MARKETING approach, we offer you the opportunity to place your banner(s) only in the categories (time periods) that pertain to your products or services! Those who see your banners are those interested in purchasing what you have to offer!

*Take Advantage of our Powerful Search Engine Positioning!!
As you know companies pay thousands of dollars to experts who can make their listing come up in the top 20 listings on just one search engine. If you go to ANY MAJOR ENGINE and do a search for Living Historians you will find that we come up in the top 5 listings! As an example, here are a dozen major search engines where this holds true: (These  links are active, test us if you like! Use you back button to return.)

We come up under the listing of our main sponsor: LEARNING WITH EASE

Placing Your banner(s) is as Easy as 1,2,3! 

1. Select the banner position(s) you would like to have.
2. Select the categories you would like to be displayed in.

3. Let us know your preferences!

1. Selecting Banner Positions:

There are 8 Banner Positions available in each category (time Period), 4 at the top of the category page, (#'s 1 - 4), and 4 in the right hand column of the page (#'s 5 - 8)
The graphic below illustrates the 8 banner positions available in each category:

Choose and jot down the Banner Position(s) you find most desirable.

2. Selecting Categories

This is a list of the available active categories. If you would like to view a category simply click on it and you will be taken there.  Use your back button to return.

Choose and jot down the categories you find most desirable.

3. Let Us Know Your Preferences:
Don't worry if there is already a banner in the position(s) that you desire.  We have different types of agreements with different types of sponsors, (eg., Some are affiliates).  We can move and shift banners depending on our agreement with the sponsor.  WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO ACCOMMODATE YOU!
Contact us and let us know your preference.
Call 574.255.6559 or Email us at

Why advertise in Links to the Past .org?
In addition to our unique TARGET MARKETING METHOD, and our POWERFUL SEARCH ENGINE POSITIONING, the fact that you will be capturing a position in a high profile and rapidly growing Living History portal is a good reason.  Here are a few others:

*Unique Ability to Create Word of Mouth:
Reach serious reenactors! Most of our valued members represent entire groups of active reenactors and living historians. These are serious impressionists who are dedicated, long term professionals.

As you know, word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is. When our valued members find a good thing, they share it with others. In other words, we represent much more than sites that just have numbers of 'lone' visitors, used to bee's, maybe wanna bee's, and curiosity seekers.

*Create a Presence:
We provide intrusion free browsing. Our visitors browse in a historian friendly realm where all the links and banners are focused to their specific time period. Not only are we exclusive to the living history genre, we are family friendly and there are no annoying pop-up ads anywhere on our site.

Our visitors return again and again to their growing National Registry. As an advertiser, you can create a presence here, much in the same way that you can with a newspaper or magazine that is geared to continually reach a certain type of subscription base. The only difference is that our subscription base is constantly growing, yet access to us remains free, for our members, as well as everyone on the internet!

*As a Registry Sponsor You are Part of a Team!
When you become a sponsor we don't just slap your banner up and forget about you! We advertise the Registry in publications, newspapers, magazines, fliers and brochures, as well as in shows and on-line.

As one of our valued sponsors we strongly encourage our members and visitors to do business with you. We promote this practice, not only on site, but also in our newsletters, e-mail notices and advertising.

Banner Pricing:

Pricing for any Banners 1, 2, 3, or 4:
  3 months: $65.00 per month
  6 months: $60.00 per month
12 months: $40.00 per month

Pricing for any Banners 5, 6, 7, or 8
  3 months: $45.00 per month
  6 months: $35.00 per month
 12 months: $25.00 per month

If you would like to advertise on the Main Directory Page please inquire via e-mail or phone for pricing options 574.255.6559.

Contact us via email or phone at 574.255.6559 to inquire about banner advertising.

***We offer Discounts for advertisers who choose to appear in more than one category and a FREE BANNER PACKAGE for advertisers who place banners on the main directory page.

If you do not already have a banner and are unable to make one, we can assist you in getting one made at a very reasonable price.  The Banner then becomes you property to use on as many sites as you like for as long as you like!

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