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Welcome to the National Registry of Living Historians (N.R.L.H.), an organization dedicated to the promotion, preservation and education of history.

The N.R.L.H. is the only organization dedicated to uniting Living Historians of all eras. Never before has there been a common meeting ground for all to come together, exchange and promote the causes, ideas, and products of these dedicated individuals and groups.

Established in 2004, the N.R.L.H. is the internet portal for all Living Historians, Reenactors and Educators to communicate and interact for both business and informational exchange

Our purpose is three fold. To unite, promote, and educate those interested in keeping history alive in the hearts and minds of people world wide. 

We currently have over 1000 member / groups in the Registry, and are growing every week! Individuals as well as businesses, both private and public, search our database to help fill their historical needs.

We provide sutlers, merchants and traders a wonderful opportunity to make available their period correct goods, wares and services, not just on-line, but in front of dedicated  and long term professional reenactors, who take their craft seriously. These dedicated individuals are not afraid to invest in themselves to promote the cause of history preservation.

We enable reenactor groups that are recruiting to get the word out and find those ever so needed new recruits. Individuals themselves can even seek out groups that are recruiting in their own local areas.

Do you give free or paid presentations on history?  Then this is the place for you as well.  Teachers, museums and even movie production companies have contacted our members for assistance!

Are you seeking accurate historical items to buy or rent?  From cannons to clothing, from sabers to spectacles, from muskets to museum pieces, whatever you are seeking you can find in our Registry.  Whether it's 1 item or 1,000 we have it for you. 

Seeking a professional historically accurate presentation?  You can find single individuals or entire mounted brigades!  Looking for first person impressionists? George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Betsy Ross, Thomas Paine, Gypsy Smith, Generals Grant, Lee, Custer, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid....need we go on?  Almost any well known figure from any time period in history resides right here at the N.R.L.H.

Thanks to our main sponsor, Learning With Ease, we are happy to be able to provide FREE MEMBERSHIP in the N.R.L.H. to all those who qualify, individuals and groups.  Just fill out an easy 3 minute form and you will be notified immediately. Simply click on
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